Marketing Dashboard Questions and Peregrine Reporting – our solution.

Any dashboard will do. It’s easy to assume that all dashboards are created equal. But once a marketing agency founder considers the wider strategic possibilities the fallacy is exposed. We’ve attempted to cover both general questions about the marketing dashboards you could get – and the specifics of our solution.

Who uses a marketing dashboard?

Read why we believe this is one of the first questions people should answer.

What should be on a marketing dashboard?

Read why we believe answering this “simple” question will tell you a lot about the kind of dashboard solution that’ll suit you.

What should A White Label Dashboard Allow A Marketing Agency To Do?

Read why we believe altering the colour scheme and logo isn’t enough.

Is Responsive Design Right For A Marketing Dashboard?

Read why we believe responsive design is great but not the right answer for a marketing dashboard.

What should the marketing report refresh rate be?

Read why we believe there isn’t a right answer to this question.

How Does An Analytics dashboard differ from a Marketing Dashboard?

Read why one cannot be substituted for the other without disappointing the audience.

What structure of marketing dashboard does your organisation need?
Read about the options and the choices we made for peregrine reporting.