Is Responsive Design Right For A Marketing Dashboard?

Is Responsive Design Right For A Marketing Dashboard?

No. A single responsive design is not the right answer for a marketing dashboard.
Responsive design is a good solution for most websites. It shows the same content to a user whatever device is being used. And it adjusts the layout to achieve this.

But this a typical dashboard user doesn’t want the same content on all devices.

The mobile phone user is looking for a summary. They want to answer a quick question:
Is everything OK?
What are the headline figures?
They are not at their desk.

The tablet or laptop user probably wants more detail. They might want to show overviews and results through a projector. Or they might be working whilst they travel. The screen size is still restricted.

The desktop user may want to delve into the details. So tables and detailed charts. Taking advantage of big screen sizes.

So responsive design is fine as principle. But a single design just doesn’t fit the use case for dashboards.

Smart Marketing Reports helps marketing agencies pitch and deliver measurable marketing. We believe:

  • The full marketing potential of reporting isn’t used. This means marketing agencies sell less and lose clients earlier than they could.
  • Raw Marketing Data normally needs cleaning and manipulating before it is fit to be shown to executives. So ongoing support is required.
  • Self service cheap cloud based dashboards are rarely the best solution for ambitious agencies.

There are many reasons why. Discover more about our approach from the articles and thought leadership videos elsewhere on this site. And feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

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