About Us

Our Beliefs

  • Just showing data isn’t enough. Cleaning & transforming data is necessary to reveal truths.
  • Testing measurement systems is vital to create trust.
  • Unforeseen Insights & Compelling Stories are the proper outcome of good reporting.
  • Business Results are dependent on the reporting that informed the decision makers.
  • Whilst creativity matters in marketing, it’s the numbers that determine business success.
  • The quality of decisions taken shows how good the supporting reports were.

Principles we follow:

  • Expert insight should be part of a reporting system, and more than pay for itself.
  • Asking people to cope with poorly designed charts or bad data is unwise.
  • Business Leaders should get reports designed for decision makers, not for analysts.
  • Reporting must fit the organisational context to deliver the highest value.
  • Reporting systems should do the heavy lifting to free users for higher value activities.
  • A marketing meeting shouldn’t be needed to explain reports. Audio and/or video can enfranchise the wider audience.

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E: info (at) smartmarketingreports.com
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