What should A White Label Dashboard Allow A Marketing Agency To Do?

What should A White Label Dashboard Allow A Marketing Agency To Do?

A White Label Dashboard should allow full customization of both layout and content. Brand is much more than a logo and choosing a light or dark color scheme.
Agencies need to “express their personality” through reporting. Reporting that shows how much value they add has serious business benefits.

Most Marketing Agencies don’t just have one type of client.

Some clients will be niche. So a simple dashboard with a few simple headlines may be ideal.

Some clients may rely on eCommerce. Some referring visitors to channel partners for the actual sales.

Yet others may be global corporates. Companies that have many product groups, regions and concerns. That have language specific websites
So the dashboard should reflect
– different types of business
– different types of user.
and deal with concerns of
– marketeers with local responsibility and a couple of products
– the Vice President of continental sized regions. Looking after all products intended for that region.

So the content should change – not just the look and feel.

As pointed out in the article about responsive design – the user intent changes by device.

And who says it should only be data? Just charts or tables?

When you want to explain an important issue to a client you should be able to. In context.

A White Label Dashboard enabled by the web should allow all the media that the web allows.

Smart Marketing Reports helps marketing agencies pitch and deliver measurable marketing. We believe:

  • The full marketing potential of reporting isn’t used. This means marketing agencies sell less and lose clients earlier than they could.
  • Raw Marketing Data normally needs cleaning and manipulating before it is fit to be shown to executives. So ongoing support is required.
  • Self service cheap cloud based dashboards are rarely the best solution for ambitious agencies.

There are many reasons why. Discover more about our approach from the articles and thought leadership videos elsewhere on this site. And feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

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