Who uses a marketing dashboard?

Who uses a marketing dashboard?

Several different groups should want to see a dashboard . Each group will have subtly different purposes. The appropriate dashboard content will vary for each group.

Marketing Agency Staff will need a dashboard to keep track of that account. As they are responsible for doing they will need recent or real time reporting. This is often termed an operational dashboard.

Marketing contacts have to check whether expectations are being met or not. People will want to challenge the “doers” to improve performance. They need enough detail to do this. Contacts will also want to share information with colleagues around their organization. It is unwise for an agency to allow them to act as gatekeepers to the rest of the organisation. This poses serious risks when staff “move on”.

Senior Management within a client organization need an overview. One crucial insight will be the results obtained for the investment of time and money made.

Sales & other stakeholders ought to be included. It helps everyone if more people understand what marketing is doing. More feedback on marketing initiatives can improve the value gained. For instance making contact forms collect more useful information can ease the transfer of leads.

Other suppliers. A single agency is unlikely to do all the marketing for a global corporate. Specialist agencies that specialize in different disciplines will also be used. So the Social Media and PR agencies will need a dashboard that meets their needs. They may not be responsible for the systems that produce the data.

Smart Marketing Reports helps marketing agencies pitch and deliver measurable marketing. We believe:

  • The full marketing potential of reporting isn’t used. This means marketing agencies sell less and lose clients earlier than they could.
  • Raw Marketing Data normally needs cleaning and manipulating before it is fit to be shown to executives. So ongoing support is required.
  • Self service cheap cloud based dashboards are rarely the best solution for ambitious agencies.

There are many reasons why. Discover more about our approach from the articles and thought leadership videos elsewhere on this site. And feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

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