B2B CRM Data Enhancement Process

We run a pilot enhancing your B2B CRM data

We normally use a batch of 250 records to ensure the B2B CRM data processing works end to end. This is sufficient to ensure:

  • You can export the data required without a problem
  • You can transfer it to us easily
  • We can process it without manual intervention
  • You get the data back and import it into your system(s) without a problem
  • We both understand what (if any) business transformation and processes are required.
  • Value is delivered.
Find the wrinkles in your CRM data

This batch size enables everyone to see that

  • Any custom transforms required to handle your data work.
  • The returned data is accurate.
  • A list of likely candidates (if there are more than one), come completely with additional information so it’s easy to select the best fit.
  • We separate the returned results into more than 10 categories to make required selection easier.
  • The process fits seamlessly into your B2B CRM data handling.
  • Separate work streams can be easily created to sort out any remaining data issues.
  • We commit effort to improving the process over time. We want it to be as painless as it reasonably can be. This is important as the staffing costs of fixing and working with dodgy data can dominate total costs.

We want your CRM reports to answer business planning questions

Future decisions over business direction are important. Questions such as what

  • Sectors are most likely to buy product A or service X?
  • Should I pick as the relevant sectors when buying data if I want the prospects to be ideal for product A or service X?
  • What financial size of customer actively likes product A or service X?

We want the pilot to form the evidence basis for future efforts

it is important to have a good basis when defining the overall program for “fixing B2B CRM data”. defined . People should understand:

  • What the overall effort is?
  • How the organisational constraints affect the data processing.
  • How much data to process each week or month.
  • The process in detail
  • How to maximise benefits.