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How Analytics Engineering Delivers Credible Reporting

We believe Marketing Performance and outcomes are what matter. Whilst the workings may be complex that is just another factor to overcome on the path to clear reporting.

Whether gremlins creep in from technical misunderstandings or complex interactions we work to make the complexity disappear. So clear paths emerge and you can plot your route forward with confidence.

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Transform and enhance data to reveal risks and opportunities.

No corporate is short of data today. But people are snared in tangles of data that hasn’t been cleaned. Unable to get a clear picture or story.

For instance dramatic new pictures can emerge when you transform analytics data. When you stop using the generic historic trend line and use different types of chart to get a comparative viewpoint.

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Create Persuasive Reports for the C Suite

Reporting for the C Suite isn’t just about throwing a chart of trend lines onto a screen. A story needs to be explained, with options and backing detail. So that chief officers can satisfy themselves a coherent and sensible course is being advocated.

So a different kind of reporting package is needed.

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Simulating Traffic To Reduce Risks and Improve Results

Many corporate marketers complain their analytics reporting doesn’t work for them. So why do most wait until campaigns have happened to discover this? A little thought would show it’s a dangerous tactic if careers etc. matter!

Our approach is to simulate the traffic beforehand. To confirm the reporting works when reputations etc. aren’t at risk. To test when reporting can be easily changed.