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Conversion Rate Optimization Will Fail Without Analytics.

Once a business is making sales, improving conversion rate is obviously attractive. And Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a great way of tackling this.

But there is preparation required to make CRO successful. Before you have to commit to a CRO program. And before you can decide what order the various projects should be tackled in.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some great tools. From the Google Experiments Framework through to specialist tools like Optimizely and VWO. And marketing agencies to help. But they can’t define the business context for you. They can’t decide what is most important. Or what the criteria for success would be.

Think of it like employing a new staff member.

Before you get anywhere near the interview, and stuff that varies with the particular job..
You need some context, some criteria. You need to prepare

  • what you want them to do.
  • how you’ll judge success or failure
  • and a candidate shortlist.

It’s the same with Conversion Rate Optimization.

Google Analytics is a great tool for preparing, and setting context
It’ll help you identify:

  • the candidates for optimization.
  • what the baseline is.
  • what an acceptable improvement goal would be

And inform the wider business discussion

  • why improving a particular step is important?
  • whether AB split testing (best of two) is appropriate?
  • or we should do more complex multivariate testing?
  • how the improvement goal would impact the broader business context?

I’d be happy to have a chat about putting the foundations in place. So you’d be in a much better position to set the context for a successful CRO program.