Clients who demand complex reports

Managing the accounts for a client can be complex enough - without spending loads of time compiling reports weekly or monthly.

 Reporting significantly reduces capacity

Time spent doing reporting - isn't being spent managing additional clients, or taking on new ones. So your potential revenue is reduced.

 Reporting soaks up working days

If reporting takes 20-40% of the available working time then that's really changing the balance of activity of your workforce.

 Low quality reporting stops you winning higher value clients

For some clients actual management of the advertising accounts would seem incidental. They seem to care more about reports.

 Are clients really twitched if the reports are late?

Does everyone want their report on the 1st of next month? Or Monday?. That really hurts your ability to manage their account across a complete week/month.

Automated Reporting

Scheduled collation and processing of the data ready for you to provide the value added comments etc.

Fully customisable, branded reports

You can create your own reporting template, look and feel to leverage our infrastructure.

Templates for different reporting needs

Use the appropriate template for simple through to complex reporting

Responsive HTML, CSS online dashboard

Web designers can customise as much or as little as you want for online consumption on any device

Multi page layouts

Complex reporting can be achieved with dockable tabs and multiple pages

Controllable online distribution

User management so that client personnnel can be allowed or denied access

Spent time just on the high value add

Provide the incisive high value comments to focus your client's attention

Time Savings

As your people no longer spend the time creating, or cut & pasting graphs and tables - the total reporting time is massively reduced

Pursue better opportunities

With the reporting time reduction you can devote significant effort to those gaining and managing those more profitable accounts

More timely reporting & greater reporting capacity

Your people can process more reports at the "right" time for the clients - leaving the clients happier

Higher quality reporting

With the manual cut & paste removed the opportunities for transcription errors are removed.

Accounts with Complex Reporting

Gain those accounts you just couldn't contemplate because of the reporting overhead

We sorted out the tracking for so that an automated process created a spreadsheet enabling readers to split activity on the extranet by the role of the staff within partner organisations

We worked on the weekly and monthly reporting for a corporate so that the graphs & tables that containing overall (i.e. including agency fees) ROI were calculated automatically.

We created a reporting system and dashboard so that the source of visitors who were tagged as sales leads by online chat agents could be viewed

We created a reporting system so that instead of viewing the content consumption through the traditional lens of "pageviews", it could be viewed by the stage that the visitor had reached in their "customer journey" and the "business purpose" of the content.

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