Prove the reports before committing to the development

Developing a website is risky enough without just taking the risk you can't get the reports you'll depend on afterwards. Smart prototyping to develop and show your stakeholders the reports they want derisks the whole project. And it helps everyone make the developers accountable for the coding they produce.

 Prototype reports for different stakeholder groups

Stakeholders in corporates want reports that help them deliver their responsibilities. It's much safer to develop complex filters, views and other reporting in a calm environment, rather than in a live environment when everyone's anxious to report good news and avoid changes that suggest things aren't complete.

 Test your Tag Manager implementation

Before a new site goes live, you can simulate traffic volumes and route the Tag Manager firings to a dummy Google Analytics property. And then switch over.

 Develop custom reports in a sandbox

Without needing real visitors and web pages you can develop complex custom reports and reduce the risks when making changes to live systems. You can deliberately develop scenarios to check the measurement framework picks up the problem or opportunity.

 Refine the measurement of your shopping funnel

With the complexities of cross domain visitor movement and the limitations of test environments provided by payment gateways; judicious simulation can help you prove the structure you want will be measurable.

 Uncover Optimisation Opportunities

Contract extras can be very worthwhile for both agency and client. So measurements that help uncover these opportunities are extremely valuable.

 Develop a test suite

Repeatable automated tests allow you to ensure the measurements are stable and complex visitor patterns can be seen in the reports

We sorted out the tracking for hotel bookings, finding errors in the booking engine that were messing up the figures; and making sure the clearest information was pushed through in the eCommerce reporting . As ever the booking engine was on a separate domain from the main website so that needed sorting. So now the effect of the marketing campaigns can be seen clearly on bookings for rooms, meetings etc. for each hotel in the chain

We worked on the discrepancies between multiple measurement methods to remove erroneous counts and bring the marketing analytics into agreement with the transaction records from the payment gateway. In the process we discovered product IDs that had been applied to more than one product.

Content Marketing takes effort. And the board charged those doing it with impact measurement. So we organised the reports so that the total effect a blog has on signups to webinars, events, PDF downloads was easily seen. This helped the board of the corporate see the effect the recruitment of a "blogger" had produced

Global Corporates often have partners and global extranets to help them. So reporting activity is crucial to the corporate departments expected to "feed" the partners. We replaced a static set of spreadsheets with custom reporting via google analytics. This made it possible to understand much more about the partner engagement model; and created a foundation for improving the usefulness of the content and the effectiveness of the partnership model.

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